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New Patients

If you just signed up with a POCA Point clinic you are considered a "New" patient and there are a couple restrictions of which to be aware.

New Restrictions

  • New patients can only make ONE appointment.
  • You can cancel an appointment and make another (with cancelation restrictions).
  • Typically clinics require a longer appointment (double their usual time) for new patients. This allows time to do an intake interview.
  • Double time appointments may make it harder to find a time slot long enough to get an appointment

Becoming U-New

  • Once you visit the clinic for the first time your "New" status is removed.
  • A clinic employee is able to remove your "New" status.
  • If you need to schedule more than one appointment before your first visit simply call the clinic and ask that your "New" status be removed.
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Page last modified on June 15, 2016, at 05:48 PM