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POCA Point reports are all appointment based. In each appointment there is

  • time and date information
  • the practitioner who performed the treatment
  • the location where the treatment took place
  • any payments for treatment
  • if that appointment used a credit
  • any payment for something other than treatment
  • notes

Reports originate from either the appointments page or the patient, practitioner, or location page.

Once a report has been initiated from one of those starting places, you can expand the date range of the report to include more appointments. So, for instance, if you start with the appointments page for a June 12, 2014 by clicking "Daily Report". This will display all appointments for June 12. From there you can change the start date to June 1, 2014 and end date to June 30, 2014. This will display all appointments for the month of July.

Not Limited to 500 prevents the report from restricting the results to the first 500 appointments. The 500 limit is the default and is intended to help performance. Simply check the checkbox for Not Limited to 500 to include all.

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