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POCAPointAdmin: Icons

Patient Icons

Icons show up next to patient's names in lists and the appointment schedule under certain circumstances.

The notes icon indicates there is something in the notes field for this patient. Mouse over the icon to read the note. More about notes
The red flag icon is simply the note field flagged. More about patient profiles
The credit icon means this patient has at least one credit for one visit available in their credit field. more about credits
The 1st icon means this appointment is the patient's very first appointment with your clinic more about first

In the scheduler there are a number of icons as well.

The checkin icon checks a patient in for that appointment more about checkins
The check with a line through it indicates the patient has been checked in. Clicking it will un-check them in for that appointment.
The cancel icon cancels that appointment.
The pencil icon allows you to appointment info like amount paid and appointment notes. more about editing appointments
A green pencil means there is a note for that appointment.
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