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Many of the setting will be already entered for you from when you signed up for POCA Point. Remember to click "Update" after you've made your changes.

Activate or Deactivate
This button in the upper left allows patients to log into your POCA Point Patient's Site. With this box checked (and the background green) patients are given a login, retrieve password, and create new account forms. With it unchecked (and the background pink) there are no forms.
Active Not Active
Site Title
This is the web page title and is used throughout the patient's site and email communications. For instance, if there is no logo the top of your page will say "Welcome To SITE TITLE". Email reminders will state your site title, location, practitioner and time for the appointment.
Time Zone
Choose the timezone where your services will be performed.
Contact Phone
This phone number is for POCA Point billing purposes.
Appointment Times
Each of these numbers separated by commas, is used to create the drop down menu of appointment slot times when creating a block or shift of appointment times. If you want to be able to choose 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes you would enter 10,15,20.
Squeeze Starting Hour
On your appointments admin you can squeeze appointments into a schedule if the blocks are full. Squeeze appointments require the entry of a time and the beginning of that day can be set with this drop down choice. This choice can eliminate the need to scroll a long way to get to the hour of your squeezes.
No Email Reminders
Checking this checkbox will turn off ALL email notifications to EVERY patient.
"New" patients double time
By default PP requires all new patients have double time appointments. So, if your slots are 10 minutes long, a new patient must make a 20 minute appointment. New patients have other unique behaviors in PP, they are explained in further detail on the New Patients page.
Allow More Than One
Unchecking this box restricts patients from making more than one appointment on a given day. see more.
Refresh Schedule
Set a refresh rate for your appointment blocks. see more.
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