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POCAPointAdmin: EachPatient

Patient Profile Page

Name Info

POCA Point will not allow duplicate First and Last Names, or email addresses.

If a patient has no email address POCA Point will create a faux email address.

First and last names need to be unique so you will know the difference between each patient, especially when choosing their names in the appointment schedule drop down.

You can change the password by clicking "Show Password", entering a new password and clicking "Change". Patient passwords must be at least 6 characters and no more than 20 characters. Patients can reset their own password or have their password emailed to themselves on their POCA Point page.

Pronoun is a field you may enter with whatever information you decide. The pronoun field will not show up on the patient's view or any invoices. It does show up in the schedule or lists of patients you mouse-over their name. Mousing over their name in the schedule brings up a little information box with contact info, etc. This field is designed for gender designation but may be used for any reference you prefer.

The birthday field helps place an age on each patient in the EHR. It may also help you give discounts or recognition for birthday celebrations.

Credits equal one visit. See more about credits.

Active, Email, New

An inactive patient is unable to login to their own account. You will however be able to make appointments for them in the admin.

No Emails prevents POCA Point from sending appointment confirmation emails to that particular patient.

New patients have not had their first appointment yet and have some restrictions on their account. This does not apply to imported patients.

The Notes field adds some icons and information to the patient where they are listed.

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