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POCAPointAdmin: EHRSetup

The POCA Point EHR is dependent upon appointments from the POCA Point scheduler. From within the PP Scheduler Admin go to EHR Setup to create access for your practitioners or 'punks'.

EHR is accessed by each practitioner. They are responsible for entering their patient records and only their records.

EHR Setup

The initial EHR setup screen in PP allows you to create a start date and the super user practitioner. The super users should be the one person who will be able to manage the other practitioners, presumably the business owner.

The Usernames of each practitioner MUST be unique system wide. There cannot be two 'joesmith' users. The system will throw out any non-unique systems. There will be suggested usernames in the fields. These are based on the names entered in the PP practitioner's profile by removing spaces and punctuation, and making everything lowercase. If there is a username conflict created by this formula the name will be truncated with random numbers.

EHR passwords must be 8 characters. Clicking ← suggest will create a random password for you.

Write Your Username And Password Down and Store In A Safe Place

Due to the security layers in the PP EHR passwords are not retrievable, only resettable. You will need to contact me to reset the Super Practitioner's password. Super practitioners can reset the other practitioner's passwords from within their EHR account.

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