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POCAPointAdmin: Duplicates

Duplicate Patient Names

Sometimes a patient will have the same name as another patient so to differentiate you might want to include a middle name or other indicator in their name so you can make sure their appointments are properly assigned. So "Joe Smith" might become "Joe David Smith" if you have two Joe Smiths and they really are two different people.

Most of the time a duplicate name ends up in the system because admins and patients created two accounts. Sometimes it happens because they entered their email address wrong, or they had a faux email address. POCA Point has a method for resolving duplicate name issues.

POCA Point does not allow duplicate email addresses.

To resolve duplicate patient issues go to Patient Duplicates

This will consolidate all appointments for both into the remaining patient's records, including the used and unused credits.

Overriding Duplicate Name Issue

At times you might want to merge a patient whose name needs changing to match the merged to patient, either from a misspelling or other difference. You can now override the same name restriction with a new option.

Make sure you manage this duplicate in Patient Duplicates after you override the restriction.

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