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Using the Credits Feature For Patients

Each patient can be given as many credits as you need. These credits are equal to one visit. They show up as a green dollar tag in the patient list and on the schedule. Credits are reduced by one when a patient with more than zero credits checks in. The patient field named 'Used Credits' goes up by one upon checkin.

Here's how it would work

  • Someone purchases or is awarded some credits, lets say 10
  • You might add a note to the patient's note field (not an appointment note) saying "Purchased 10 credits on 10/17"
  • They make an appointment and show up on the schedule with a greed dollar tag.
  • Whoever checks them in notes the green tag and enters $0.00 for payment
  • They also might enter "Credit: Prepaid on 10/17"
  • All these notes show up in the reports.

If they had only one credit the green tag will not show up once they are checked in because it has used that one green tag

Daily Report Free Column

This column shows a green tag if that appointment used one of the patient's free credits.

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Page last modified on May 24, 2016, at 10:33 AM