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A block is an availability shift for a practitioner at a location , with a starting and ending time and an appointment duration.

The appointment times are all tied to the blocks. Each block (think of it as a practitioner’s shift) is associated with the availability of one practitioner and their ability to see however many patients in that time. It’s the community acupuncture philosophy fleshed out in data. Therefore, when creating a block of availability you choose the slot (appointments) duration based on how you want to divide your hour. 10 mins means 6 patients per hour, :15 means 4, etc. Once set these blocks and their available slots are presented to the patient user. If a slot has an appointment in it they cannot reserve that slot. If they can a “Reserve” button shows up in that slot. They click and confirm and it is theirs.

A suggestion for adding blocks

Duration can be set for any block as it is created.

There are three ways to vary the predetermined slots

Repeat Blocks

There is a repeat block option in the create a new block form. Be very careful when repeating blocks. See Edit A Block

The repeat section reads like this: "Duplicate this block every UNITS more times INCREMENTS". These are my terms as reference to explaining the repeating pattern.

You can only delete blocks one at a time, and if they have appointments in them those appointments will be cancelled.

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