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The POCA Point EHR depends upon a POCA Point scheduling account. Each 'health record' is first a patient's appointment with a particular practitioner. Only THAT practitioner records the information from the appointment with the patient. EHR system users are practitioners. This is to prevent someone who is NOT the practitioner who administered the treatment from entering the information.

The PP EHR is secured with an encrypted SSL certificate that sends only gibberish over the internet.

The EHR url is found in your admin's EHR Setup Page.

The passwords are triple encrypted for extra security, and can only be reset, can never be retrieved. So if you loose your password just contact me to reset it for you.

New Appointments Page for easier access to making records Now you will not have to go through the Blocks page to start entering records.

Here is some help with Intake Date Selection.

The EHR Demo is different than the scheduler demo.

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Page last modified on June 10, 2016, at 03:55 PM