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The core of POCA Point's EHR record keeping is the treatment areas that are populated with little green treatment nodules.

Each practitioner creates their own blue treatment codes or points, and orange groups

To place treatments in the treatment areas:

  • You must've entered a note first to reveal the treatment areas and clickable points.
  • Highlight the treatment area in which you want to add points. The symmetrical, top area is highlighted by default.
  • Highlighted treatment areas have a dark area glow around the edge.
  • Click any of the blue blob codes that are the points you wish to add to the highlighted area.
  • A green treat will show up in the highlighted area.
  • To delete any green treat simply click it to remove it.
  • Add a custom point by entering the abbreviation in the text entry field above the blue blobs. Make sure you hit return to add it to the highlighted treatment area.

You will need to create blue blobs codes in the Treatment Codes area of the EHR.

You can also create pre-prescribed group of 'green treats' by creating orange groups of treatments.

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Page last modified on November 14, 2014, at 11:33 AM