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Treatment Area

For pre-made treatment 'blue blob' points use Treatment Codes to create your own.

This is where the magic happens in the POCA Point EHR.

Treatment Areas are the teal blue boxes. They represent the four quadrants of the patient's body, plus a symmetrical or 'head'.

There are three ways to make a green treatment in a health record:

  • Click a pre-made blue blobs, and that blob becomes a green treat in the treatment area.
  • Click a pre-made orange groups of treats which enters a group (more than one) green treat in the treatment area.
  • Enter a treatment abbreviation in the text field above the blue blobs, hit enter, and that becomes a green treat in the highlighted treatment area.

To switch between the five treatment areas (symmetrical and 4 quads) simply click the box you want to highlight. Highlighted treatment areas have a blue glow.

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Page last modified on September 18, 2014, at 02:11 PM