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The most basic form of a health treatment record is a text note. That is the minimum requirement. You can use it for entering your treatment codes and locations if you like, plus your treatment plan. Some even enter and entire SOAP record in the note field.

A typical record entry workflow:

  • Expand the appointment to reveal the editor
  • The note field is active (with a blinking cursor).
  • Enter your note text
  • Hit Return or Enter on your keyboard
    • Only then will the quadrants show up.
  • Start adding points to the quadrants
    • The top/central quadrant is active by default
    • Activate other quadrants by clicking them
    • Click blue blobs to add points
  • Click Save
    • You can click "Clear" to clear all points from all quadrants
  • Click the Rate number for "Pain" or whatever you set your rating to be.
  • Open the Treatment Plan by clicking the clock icon, entering text and hitting return
  • Close the editor with the caret at the top right of the appointment
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Page last modified on November 10, 2015, at 08:51 AM