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Legacy Patient Health Record

If you have a set of health records from either an older software system or on paper I hate to say it but I have bad news for you on the POCA Point subject of importing those old records. POCA Point cannot import Electronic Health Records from you previous software.

POCA Point does not have a means of storing your uploaded, scanned paper records. Here's why:

  • Storage: There are 150,000+ patients on POCA Point. If one third of them had only one 100k (a conservative guess) page of records that would be 5 Terabytes of data that POCA Point would have to store. Storage costs money so the monthly fee would have to go up significantly.
  • Bandwidth: You would have to upload all those documents, which takes upload bandwidth. Plus, you would want to view them regularly, which takes download bandwidth. Bandwidth is not free. Cost goes up.

All is not lost though. Let's look at these two scenarios.

Paper Records

If you've kept your health records on paper and you want to digitize those as an integrated solution into POCA Point but just read above that POCA Point doesn't store those paper documents for you let me suggest this course of action:

  • Import your legacy patients into POCA Point. This will give them a unique ID number within POCA Point.
  • Export the patients. The resulting CSV file will have their ID and names in columns.
  • Scan each patient's record into a PDF. Many scanners come with software that will save documents to PDFs. There are also other stand alone solutions.
  • Put multipage documents for any one patient into one PDF.
  • Secure the PDF with a password. PDF creation software should allow for this.
  • Write down the password and keep it in a secure place that you can remember.
  • Name that PDF with their ID and some form of their name. For example 123456_Smith_Joe.pdf, this will make it easier to find.
  • Keep the PDFs on your office computer's hard drive.
  • Make two CDs or DVDs of your files. Store at least one of those discs offsite.

Cloud Records

If you don't want to burn a CD or DVD you can use a cloud service like DropBox or Mega to store your files. Just make sure you choose a secured plan and that any other users you add have their own password so you can reset it.

Software Records

If you have your legacy records on a software platform let me suggest:

  • Export everything. By that I mean:
    • All patients, just like what you download to import into POCA Point. This should be their contact info at least.
    • Appointments. There should be a way to download the whole history of every appointment you scheduled
    • Health Records. Some readable file you can reference. Hopefully there is an easy way to cross reference patients and appointment times.
  • Save these files to a CD or DVD.
  • Secure the files with a password if at all possible. That may involve saving them as Excel or Word files and adding password protection.
  • Make at least one other copy of the disc and store it offsite.
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Page last modified on June 15, 2018, at 09:45 AM