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Intake Questionnaire Birthday Input

NOTE: There will be an update to the intake questions later this summer (2015) and the date field will work more better.

There has been some difficulty with the date input for EHR intake questionnaires.

  • The field works by first clicking in the field or on the calendar icon.
  • To move the calendar through years you click the Month (which will show you 12 months) then the year to see year ranges.
  • You can go backward or forward until you find the range of 12 years you need.
  • Click the year you need and the months in that year show up
  • Click the month you need and the days of that month show.
  • Finally click the day and hit return to select that day.

The example in the video shows my selecting my birthday of April 25, 1962. The default date is today so I have to go into the year ranges and then to 1962, April and the 25th day.

Video of intake date selector

More help to come on intakes when I update the intake system.

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Page last modified on June 23, 2015, at 01:26 PM