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The intake form has a number of texts that appear during the questionnaire process and you can customize much of it for your clinic. Placeholder text is provided in for each field and most may be used as is. Here are the fields and where they are used in the questionnaire.

"Setup The Questionnaire"
  • The title is the text that remains at the top right of the questionnaire. It is intended to help the patient know it is your clinic.
  • The Terms Heading is the text that is at the top of a pop out box containing your terms, policies, and conditions.
  • You should enter your legal terms, privacy and practice policy, conditions of your practice and any other information you wish your patients to know and read if they are to agree to be treated at your clinic. They will be given an opportunity to read this text and agree to them.
  • The description field is a line of text that appears after they've agreed to the terms, welcoming them to the questionnaire. See the welcome screenshot on Doing The Form, or below.
  • Instructions are another line of text below the description field.
  • Text after completion is what is presented after the patient completes the form.

"The heading of the questionnaire with your title"

"What patients see when they first go to the questionnaire"

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