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You can create your own questions for inclusion in the intake form. You cannot edit or create custom questions if there is an active patient form. Either wait for the patient to complete the form (if it is in progress) or delete the form to edit questions. Here's how to create questions:

Things you can do to a custom intake question
  • Under the standard questions and any custom questions you've created click +Add A Question
  • The Question Title is for larger text on the question. Use this for grouping questions for something like 'general health' or 'medical history'.
  • The Question field is where you ask the question.
  • Requiring an Answer will prompt the system to make sure the patient enters something in the field.
  • Single and multiple choice questions will require you to provide those choices. Enter them in the field provided and separate choices with line breaks.
  • Once questions are created you can sort them, edit them, preview them, and delete them

Add A Custom Question

Edit your question

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Page last modified on August 23, 2017, at 02:37 PM