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You can create quick, clickable shortcuts for entering multiple points into treatment areas or boxes. These are called treatment groups and are orange blobs (as opposed to 'blue blobs' or 'green treats').

To create an Orange Blob, Treatment Group

  • Go to "Treatment Groups"
  • If other orange groups have been created at the end of the list enter a group abbreviation in the text field
  • If there are NO groups, find the text field under "Orange Treatment Groups" and enter an abbreviation for the group in that field.
  • Hit return or click "Save"
  • Once saved, click the orange abbreviation you just created to open edit mode.
  • A box of 'blue blobs' will appear.
  • Click to add those blobs to your group.
  • Click the green treats to delete them from the group
  • Type a code in the text box above the blue blobs and hit return to add a treat NOT available as a blue blob.

Each practitioner creates their own blue blob treatment codes and orange groups.

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Page last modified on September 18, 2014, at 02:11 PM