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Approve & Lock

To be approved

Having been approved with timestamp

Health records should be unchangeable once they've been entered and approved. This is so no-one can go in and change something later, as if they wanted to fabricate some condition or treatment for fraud purposes. Not that and community acupuncturist would do that, but this is a standard POCA Point needed to consider and create.

When in a teaching situation where a practitioner is learning the craft the resident supervisor might want to check the student's records before 'committing' them to the permanent record. This was a request by the folks at POCA Tech. A practitioner with Approval Permission is able to approve and lock health records. So, if you are training someone the Super can turn off their approval rating in the Punk Permissions area.

To approve and lock a record

  • Click the "Approve & Lock" button at the bottom of any record.
  • The record will not approve or lock if there are no records entered.
  • The "Approve & Lock" button is not available to practitioners who aren't given that ability
  • All practitioners are given the ability to approve by default.
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Page last modified on June 10, 2015, at 12:05 PM